Cross-cultural communication, co – learning programs and exchange related programmes are very important as they contribute enormously towards making the world a better place to live in especially in the 21st century. When two or more cultures meet and or interact, they share their life expiriences and these offers learning opportunities for those involved to realize their identities while at the same time appreciating the the identities, cultures and ways of lives of others. This opens the door for recognition of a man as a human being among human beings. We are so excited that Kijani Institute will soon be expanding its horizons to new territories with focus on Africa and Scandinavia as a whole – we hope to be in one new African Country and one new Scandinavian country by winter 2017.

Our Programs


GLAD ”Global Learning – Advanced professionalism – Dialogue” is a development programme in conjunction with the new teacher training education (LU 13). The main aim of the project is to qualify future teachers’ skills in the sphere of global learning, communication and information in cooperation with three teacher training colleges in Kenya. The project is supported by Danida and will be realised within a four year time frame (2014-2018).


The Kijani Institute of Cross Cultural Communication facilitated a two weeklong stay in Kenya, in November 2013, for the Oure Sports and Performance School – top managers from Denmark. The trip had the aim to evaluate how Kenya and Oure would collaborate and greatly benefit from each other in exchange related activities and cross cultural relations between both countries on an equal basis, equality is one of Kijani’s core dogmas of collaboration.


MEL meaning Move – Eat – Learn, aims to build global learning processes for teachers and pupils within primary schools from Gentofte – Denmark and Primary Schools in Nairobi, Kenya. The main focus of the dialogues is issues related to a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and physical activities that promote good health. The themes are cross curricular and cross cultural, they will consist of identical themes and topics involving the subjects like mathematics, sciences, physical education and home economics.


GCI is a branch of the larger TTC programme GLAD – Global Learning Advanced Professionalism Dialogue between UCL TTC in Denmark, Murang’a TTC in Makuyu, Kenya and Kamwenja Teachers College in Nyeri Kenya. GCI is a programme between Nyeri Good Shepherd Academy in Nyeri, Kenya and Hunderup Skolen in Odense. The abbreviation GCI represents Global Citizenship and Imprints which is the full name of the project.